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All prices here on this website of Apparel in Leather are already DISCOUNTED prices.  Our staff has completed several hours of research looking at our competitors sites and their prices and then our staff marked down our prices to the already DISCOUNTED PRICES that you see on this website.  Shop with confidence that you will receive the best prices available....AND if you can find a better price we will meet their price too.  The only exception would be a product on eBay.  We want to give you the best DISCOUNT on the Internet. 

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Sophisticated. Sleek. Tough. Desirable. All these and more describe our collection of men’s and women’s leather apparel, and will describe you too when you wear them. Take our men’s leather jackets and ladies’ leather jackets for example. Glossy and smooth, they give you the option of adding an extra edge to your wardrobe, all while keeping you perfectly warm, despite the weather outside. The leather jackets come in all different styles, so no matter if you're looking for a men's bomber jacket or a women's leather motorcycle jacket, you'll find what you need; our leather jackets also come in different colors so you can choose a BLACK leather jacket or a BROWN leather jacket or even a PINK ladies leather jacket.

We’ve gathered the best looking and most resilient men’s motorcycle leather chaps and ladies’ leather chaps to help you get the job done, no matter what the job may be. The quality of our leather chaps shows and feels great all the while protecting your legs from those flying little rocks and splashes.  Our great selection of both sturdy and lovely and protective leather gloves to save and protect your knuckles.

And after a long week of working, our collection of ladies’ leather vests and men’s leather vests are just what you’re looking for. A motorcycle leather vest is ideal for keeping your core temperature at just the right level while you cruise down the road on your motorcycle for a well-deserved getaway. Come'll enjoy the ride.

So stop and peruse through our stellar broad selection of leather apparel and find the perfect gift to pamper yourself or a loved one with quality leather jackets, leather vests, and leather chaps, and sturdy leather gloves. We offer only the very best deals and clothing to our customers, from leather vests to pink leather gloves, because anything less than that would not be worthy of your time. We’re always looking for ways we can improve, too; we can’t do that without your help. Send your comments and questions to ( this is the business email of the website owner ), and we’ll get back to you shortly. 

All the prices on our entire website are DISCOUNTED prices.  Our staff has done some extensive research of other websites and the prices that they charge for the same item we have and then we carefully marked down our prices to a very affordable DISCOUNT price.  All you need to do is look at our prices and compare them to ANY OTHER LEATHER APPAREL SITE and you will be pleased to find that our prices are less expensive and competitive with any of the other websites.  All of our leather apparel products have been researched with numerous other websites and our prices are still less expensive, YOU SAVE  $$$


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  It has been calculated that the leather apparel products are heavier by its bulky size and therefore the weight charts of  the Post Office are more expensive.  Setting the shipping fee's by the "purchase price" are a savings for our customers.  So for this reason we at Apparel in Leather are using the "purchase price" to determine the shipping fee's or charges. 

purchase price       =     shipping fee

$0     -- to --  $50    =     $7.85

$51   -- to --  $100  =     $14.85

$101 -- to --  $150  =     $19.85

$151 -- to --  $200  =     $24.85

$201 -- to --  $250  =     $28.85

$250 -- to --  $300  =     $35.85

$301 -- to -- $350  =      $40.85

$351 -- to -- $400  =      $45.85

$401 -- to -- $450  =      $50.85

$451 -- to -- $1000+  =  for any order totaling more than $451or more then the shipping is going to be $10 per item, yes only $10 per item. This is bulk shipping. You can contact us ahead of time if you wish to discuss this "BULK SHIPPING FEES"  at      

(EXAMPLE:   If you ordered  7 items totaling more than $451 then shipping is 7 items X $10 = $70. ) This type of bulk shipping fees will help our clients and clubs save $$$$$ money on any large Club order.


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